Funeral Sprays in Oval and Teardrop shape

Funeral flowers by style

Sunflowers, Roses, Snapdragon

Funeral spray Gloriosa

This product is dependent upon availability of certain types of flowers

Funeral Spray Exotic

Composition: Anthurium, Roses, Protea, Heleconia and green Foliage

Funeral spray dynamic

Composition: Calla, Orchids, Hydrangea, Gloriosa and green foliage

Funeral spray oval White heaven

Composition: White roses, Gerbera, Snapdragon, Gypsophylla and greens

Funeral spray oval white

Rose, gerbera, Lisianthus, Anthirrinum (replaceable), Greens/Foliage

Oval classic grouped funeral arrangement

Composition: Calla. Eustoma, Aconithum, Asclepias and green foliage

Funeral spray season

The combination of flowers will change with the season

Funeral spray  tropical orange

Assorted of Tropical orange colored flowers

Funeral spray soft pink

A combination of flowers adapted to the season

Funeral flowers Familia

Different variety of flowers possible

Silent word oval funeral arrangement

Composition:  roses, Gloriosa matrecaria

Wonderful beauty Funeral arrangement teardrop

Funeral arrangement in teardrop shape

Composition:  Carnations, Eremurus, Delphinium

Hug me Funeral arrangement Tear Drop

Composition:  roses

Emotional close funeral arrangement

Composition:  Roses and Chasmantium

Emotional close-by Funeral Flowers

Composition:  Roses and Chasmantium

Eternal Nature Fluneral arrangement


Landscape funeral Flower arrangement


Eternal light Funeral arrangement


Funeral arrangement spray white teardrop

Composition: Roses, Antirrhinum, grasses and green foliage

Funeral spray white oval

Composition: Lillium, Euphorbia, Roses, Snapdragon and green foliage.

Funeral flowers red roses

Composition: Red roses with green foliage and grasses.

Teardrop of roses

Rose, eucalyptus, Greens/Foliage

Funeral arrangement in oval style

Orchids, Roses, Chrysanthemum, Nerine, and Snapdragon

Oval funeral arrangement pink

Rose, germini, Asclepias, waxflower (replaceable), Greens/Foliage

Colorful oval Funeral arrangement

Composition: Assortment of colorful flowers of the season

Funeral spray Orchid 91307

Composition, Orchids, Hydrangea, Aechmea, wood stumps and Foliage.

Funeral flowers spray

Composition: Phalaenopsis, Delphinium, Roses, Astilbe  other summer flowers

Funeral arrangement White elegance

Composition: White Orchids, Roses, eucalyptus and an assortment of green foliage

Funeral spray Warm red

Rose, Lily, gerbera, gloriosa, rose hips (replaceable), wood stumps, Greens/Foliage

Funeral spray pink stylistic.

Orchid, rose, chrysanthemum, nerine, Antirrhinum (replaceable), branches, Greens/Foliage 

Funeral spray pink roses

Roses, Waxflower, baby's breath

Hidden presence Funeral arrangement


Endless flowers Funeral arrangement