Modern style

Funeral spray Gloriosa

This product is dependent upon availability of certain types of flowers

Funeral Spray Exotic

Composition: Anthurium, Roses, Protea, Heleconia and green Foliage

Funeral spray dynamic

Composition: Calla, Orchids, Hydrangea, Gloriosa and green foliage

Funeral spray oval White heaven

Composition: White roses, Gerbera, Snapdragon, Gypsophylla and greens

Funeral spray oval white

Rose, gerbera, Lisianthus, Anthirrinum (replaceable), Greens/Foliage

Funeral coffin arrangement purple pink

Coffin arrangement purple pink for a funeral in the Netherlands

Funeral Blanket of calla Lilly's

 White calla Lilly's arranged as a blanket on top of a coffin

Funeral coffin arrangement

Funeral coffin arrangement with exotic flowers

Funeral flowers by style

Sunflowers, Roses, Snapdragon