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How do I order flowers?

Ordering flowers on our site is easy. You will order you bouquet in just a few steps.

1. Select our flower product in one of the departments.















2.Select the price of the bouquet.

3.Please select the option to ad a text card.

4 Enter the text for the card. (Please include the name of the sender!)

5.Enter the delivery date.

6.Select the delivery time.

7.Place the order in the basket by clicking on the basket button.















8.The program will lead you thru the order process. (if not started automaticlly please click on the word basket at the top of your screen)

9.Select the payment method and fill in your name and address details.

10. Select the checkbox delivery on a different address to fill in the address of the recipient














11. After filling out the complete form click on the submit button. You receive a confimation e-mail from us. please check out the details directly. If there is an error in the details please reply  directly and we will made the adjustments for you.

The order can only be canceld until 2 day's before delivery.

However  we will have to charge you € 8.00 for cancelation of the order.